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LEM - The Learning Museum Network Project

A permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations, to insure that they can play an active role with regard to lifelong learning and to raise awareness among decision makers at European level.

This space provides visitors the opportunity to learn about museums and lifelong learning, to exchange ideas, information and materials, as well as to find out more about the project.

It is apparent museums in the 21st century can play an active role in lifelong learning society by integrating collections, spaces and learning programmes into a new joined up framework that connects formal and informal learning providers, increasing access to cultural life and fostering social cohesion, innovation and creativity. The LEM - Learning Museum Network aims to create a permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations and address the challenges of the EU 2020 Strategy and to play an active role with regard to lifelong learning.

Following the success of the first edition Melting Pro Learning and Fondazione Fitzcarraldo are promoting the second Euro project design workshop for the cultural sector. Focusing on Creative Europe, the European programme that offers cultural professionals the opportunity to collaborate at international level, the workshop is a mix of theory sessions and experiential group learning activities analysing weak and strong points of a European project proposal. The aim is to empower participants to understand the key to writing a successful project proposal.

Both migration and material culture have profoundly shaped societies and cultures across the globe in the modern era. This workshop will define migration broadly, to include intra-state, international and intra-imperial migration, as well as "forced" and "voluntary” migrations. Our use of material culture is also inclusive, embracing the objects that furnish domestic interiors, architecture, tools, books, toys, clothing, modes of transportation, musical instruments, dance, and even food.

“LIVING TOGETHER IN A SUSTAINABLE EUROPE - MUSEUMS WORKING FOR SOCIAL COHESION” - NEMO wants to discuss questions that are related to Europe being put into question in nearly all its aspects. What can museums do in times of economic and social stress? We hear about hyper-nationalism, inter-religious problems, social tensions, political polarisation, emphasis of most European and national policies on economics and competition and about movements against foreigners in all parts of Europe.
Registrations are open till October 27.

The Cultural Innovation International Prize is a biennial competition organised by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) with the aim of incentivising projects that explore the potential cultural scenarios of the coming years through research and practice. The first edition of the Prize ties in with the 20th anniversary of the CCCB. For this call for entries, corresponding to 2014-2015, the theme is "Audience/s".
Send in your project by 5 February 2015.

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