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LEM - The Learning Museum Network Project

A permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations, to insure that they can play an active role with regard to lifelong learning and to raise awareness among decision makers at European level.

This space provides visitors the opportunity to learn about museums and lifelong learning, to exchange ideas, information and materials, as well as to find out more about the project.

It is apparent museums in the 21st century can play an active role in lifelong learning society by integrating collections, spaces and learning programmes into a new joined up framework that connects formal and informal learning providers, increasing access to cultural life and fostering social cohesion, innovation and creativity. The LEM - Learning Museum Network aims to create a permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations and address the challenges of the EU 2020 Strategy and to play an active role with regard to lifelong learning.

Cover of the LLML handbook translated in Armenian

The Museum Education Center was founded by Dvv International Armenian country office. The official opening ceremony will take place on 5th of December 2014. The opening ceremony will be followed by the presentation of the LLML publication “Lifelong Learning in Museums – A European Handbook” translated into Armenian.

Call for Participation - International Conference on New Technologies for Language Learning, Florence, 13-14 November 2014. Deadline for registration: 10 November. The Conference aims to promote transnational sharing of good practices and research findings in the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to Language Learning and Teaching. The event also offers the opportunity to develop international contacts among experts in language learning.

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide for the 2015 General Call for Proposals was published in English on 06/10/2014, with further language versions to follow at the end of October. The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is an integral part of the 2015 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals link outside the EC domain.
Organisations and institutions seeking funding in the framework of this call must comply with the conditions for participation and funding expressed in this Guide. Organisations are invited to submit applications on-line link outside the EC domain to the National Agency in the relevant country or to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Deadline: 22/01 - 01/10/2015

The IULM University (University of Languages and Communication) in Milan will offer for the fifth year a Master degree in European Museology. The overall focus of the course is on “practical solutions” and acquiring hands-on experience knowledge “in the field”. Each module aims at giving a precise panorama of a theme, making reference to very diverse European examples, thanks to cooperation of a variety of qualified European partners, which will provide documentation, lecturers and hospitality for study tours.

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