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LEM - The Learning Museum Network Project

A permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations, to insure that they can play an active role with regard to lifelong learning and to raise awareness among decision makers at European level.

This space provides visitors the opportunity to learn about museums and lifelong learning, to exchange ideas, information and materials, as well as to find out more about the project.

It is apparent museums in the 21st century can play an active role in lifelong learning society by integrating collections, spaces and learning programmes into a new joined up framework that connects formal and informal learning providers, increasing access to cultural life and fostering social cohesion, innovation and creativity. The LEM - Learning Museum Network aims to create a permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations and address the challenges of the EU 2020 Strategy and to play an active role with regard to lifelong learning.

The Conference is a creative forum for bringing people together from government and Parliament as well as colleges, learning providers and learners. There will be a keynote from Maggie Philbin, UK digital task force, Professor Jim Fraser, Strathclyde University on the use of MOOCs to widen participation in learning and the head of BBC learning on using online resources. Keynote presentations will be interspersed by seminars and workshops with representatives from Ofsted, SFA, H.E. and F.E. including family and intergenerational learning.

The Ari Ari Foundation, an NGO based in Poland, has recently published the English version of a study entitled ‘Private Museums, Local Collections. Research Report’, which focuses on the increasing presence of private museums in Poland. Research was carried out in 2012 in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Mazowieckie provinces, where over 50 private museums were analysed. In the context of the project, a short film entitled ‘My Museum’ has also been produced, presenting testimonials of three private museum owners, and their approach to keeping local memories alive.

“LIVING TOGETHER IN A SUSTAINABLE EUROPE - MUSEUMS WORKING FOR SOCIAL COHESION” - NEMO wants to discuss questions that are related to Europe being put into question in nearly all its aspects. What can museums do in times of economic and social stress? We hear about hyper-nationalism, inter-religious problems, social tensions, political polarisation, emphasis of most European and national policies on economics and competition and about movements against foreigners in all parts of Europe.
Registrations are open till October 27.

These digitized items from the Getty Research Institute’s library and special collections are now available both at the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Europeana websites. The DPLA brings together millions of digitized books, artworks, and rare documents from American libraries, archives, and museums. The collaboration has begun with nearly 100,000 records for digital images and texts from the Getty Research Institute’s Library and Special Collections, which contain a vast trove of rare and unique materials for the study of visual culture.

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