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LEM - The Learning Museum Network Project

A permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations, to insure that they can play an active role with regard to lifelong learning and to raise awareness among decision makers at European level.

This space provides visitors the opportunity to learn about museums and lifelong learning, to exchange ideas, information and materials, as well as to find out more about the project.

It is apparent museums in the 21st century can play an active role in lifelong learning society by integrating collections, spaces and learning programmes into a new joined up framework that connects formal and informal learning providers, increasing access to cultural life and fostering social cohesion, innovation and creativity. The LEM - Learning Museum Network aims to create a permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations and address the challenges of the EU 2020 Strategy and to play an active role with regard to lifelong learning.

Age Collective is a partnership project between the British Museum, Glasgow Life (Glasgow Museums), Manchester Museum and National Museums Northern Ireland. Age Collective believes older people and museums enrich each other. Silver Sunday, is a programme of national events celebrating older people happening each year on the first Sunday of October - which is also UK Grandparents Day. This year, in collaboration with Age UK and Silver Sunday, the Age Collective museum partners across the UK are all hosting a range of exciting activities and events for older audiences on 5 October.

For this seminar, Swedish Exhibition Agency, has invited four well-known international experts to bring an international perspective to the Swedish discourse. Each one will be given the opportunity to present their picture of the museum, learning and the future. In the following talk you, as a participant in the seminar, will be invited. To creat maximum interactivity between you as a participant and the seminar you will need a smart phone or a tablet.

“LIVING TOGETHER IN A SUSTAINABLE EUROPE - MUSEUMS WORKING FOR SOCIAL COHESION” - NEMO wants to discuss questions that are related to Europe being put into question in nearly all its aspects. What can museums do in times of economic and social stress? We hear about hyper-nationalism, inter-religious problems, social tensions, political polarisation, emphasis of most European and national policies on economics and competition and about movements against foreigners in all parts of Europe.
Registrations are open till October 27.

Museums dealing with technical and industrial history, political and social history of the XX century, science and environmental issues are invited to take part into this program unique in Europe. The European Museum Academy and the Micheletti Foundation have launched the 20th edition of the Micheletti Award scheme which will be held in 2015. It will be a special edition celebrating the great achievement of 20 years of activities. The closing date for the applications is 15th September 2014.

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