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Drama and theatre group for senior citizens

Sverresborg, Trondelag Folkmuseum – an open air museum in the middle of Norway – runs a drama- and theatre group for senior citizens. The main aim is to encourage people to become more interested in cultural heritage through drama and theatre methods.

A group of about 10 people meet once a week with their drama teacher. They follow a curriculum where, within the learning environment, they get to know each other in a safe and comfortable setting. During this session participants learn different kinds of drama and theatre techniques: how to use their voice, their body, taking different positions and so on. The museum also offers guided tours and visits of exhibitions for inspiration and learning-purposes. The group creates their own performances together with the drama teacher and they perform for an audience at the museum.
Dress rehearsal at Trondelag Folkmuseum Dress rehearsal 2
Since 2003, Sverresborg has offered opportunities to partake in drama and theatre groups for children and youths. In total 60 - 80 young people participate each term. This spring all the groups have produced a performance in common - including the seniors! They have been inspired by a painting called ”At the fishmarket” (I Ravnkloa) painted by a local artist Christian Eggen. The first performance  takes place on the 28 May at Sverresborg.
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