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Norrköping City Museum

Norrköping City Museum opened in 1981, focusing on the past of Norrköping as a textile manufacturing centre and housing one of Sweden´s largest handicraft collections. The museum is a popular public site, and offers a vast programme for both children and adults with pedagogical programmes, temporary exhibitions on different themes and guided walks throughout the city.

Norrköping City Museum

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Norrköping City Museum is situated in the unique industrial landscape of Norrköping, next to the Motala River. In the past the buildings housed textile factories, dye works, and a wool warehouse. The permanent exhibitions illustrate the development of Norrköping as a textile town in the 19th century, displaying both the early industrialism, the high days and the declining and final close down of the factory area in the city centre.

In our exhibition we tell the story about both working conditions, the working class struggle for a better life, as well as their living conditions. During the textile industrial heydays Norrköping was known as Sweden´s Manchester and in our weaving hall the visitors can experience old looms in function. We also have a permanent arts and crafts exhibition where about fifty traditional trades of craftsmanship are on display. Another exhibition focuses on the prehistoric history of the Norrköping region, and our newest exhibition tells the story about the modern history of Norrköping, a story about crises and visions, transformations and expectations.

The museum also hosts a very popular museum shop and one of the best restaurants in town.


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