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LEM project is a learning forum for anyone to learn about the various technological advancements in the world.

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The facility is funded by various communities for the very purpose of innovation and education.

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Cyber Detectives

We have trained cyber-detectives who are taking regular sessions.

Innovations in Health Care

Technology has had a great impact on health care. Learn the new technical methods applied in health care.

Social Robots

Social robots are the next big thing and something that we can look forward in the near future.

Virtual Reality

This is one of the ideal places to learn virtual reality and its applications.

Field Trip

We organize various field trips that would benefit the participants in many ways. It will provide a clear understanding of the concepts.

Innovation Labs

We have a properly equipped innovation lab that lets people experiment with a lot of things.

Educational IMAX Films

We regularly play educational IMAX films that would give a clear picture of various technical concepts.

Science Labs

Our science labs are properly equipped with the state of the art equipment.

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Silicon Valley Tours

We organize tours to Silicon Valley which let the people explore new thing and come up with new ideas in the tech world. 

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3 new museums to be built in 2019!

Museums designed by renowned architects will open their doors this year around the world. Here is a selection of them.

National Museum of Qatar, Qatar

After the triumph of the Abu Dhabi Louvre, Jean Nouvel inaugurated the National Museum of Qatar: an opportunity for the Parisian architect to unveil a long string of roses from the concrete sands. Sculptural and exceptional, the 52,000 square meters building runs for nearly a kilometer and a half along the cornice, facing the sea; it encloses, in the center, the historic palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani (son of the founder of modern Qatar).

Its galleries will present the history of the country, but also the works of contemporary artists from the region. “Everything is designed to make you feel the desert and the sea together. The architecture of the museum, its structure, are symbolic of the mysteries of concretions, of the crystallization of the desert and one will guess the intersections of the sharpened petals of the sand roses”, explains Jean Nouvel.

The Shed, New York

New York applauds the talent of the firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro, which the High Line Park has revealed worldwide. A significant new building on the High Line, The Shed is a 2,500 m2 art center for visual arts, artistic performances, and popular culture. Its gigantic retractable roof allows to (un)cover a 1,500 m2 stage space that will host an original production of Björk for the opening, and five nights of screenings dedicated to the director Steve McQueen. Also produced by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the expected extension of MoMA on the occasion of its 90th anniversary will give the institution a new lease of life. The exhibition galleries on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th floors will extend to the adjacent building, designed by Jean Nouvel. Opening planned for October 2019.

Humboldt Forum, Berlin

Considered the most important museum project in Europe, the Humboldt Forum is part of the course of German history because of its location. The site? The one occupied successively by Berlin Castle, destroyed during the Second World War, then by the Palace of the former GDR. The large cultural center designed by the Italian architect Franco Stella will come to life on 14 September 2019, coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the birth of the naturalist, geographer and explorer Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859).

Expected to be completed a decade ago, the institution – which aims to recreate the former Baroque palace of the Hohenzollern on three of its façades and dome – will take over the collections of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art (covering more than 96,000 m2, inaugurated in two phases) and expand into the cultures of the world.

A look into Hadopi, French’s response to file sharing and downloading!

Hadopi (The High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet) is looking at the ecosystem of pirate sites in France. To access infringing material, illegal consumers have a few tools they can use to cover themselves and avoid the slap from the French authorities.

In a study on the illicit ecosystem of dematerialized cultural goods carried out by the consulting firm Ernst & Young, it was shown that Hadopi contourner examines the plurality of sites and services linked to the commercial counterfeiting of content (films, series, music, video games, books, sports, etc.) and the economic models that promote their distribution.

For Hadopi, this ecosystem “has become more complex over the years, with more and more actors playing a direct or indirect role.”

The High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet, notes that the illicit ecosystem linked to dematerialized cultural goods “includes many technical intermediaries, payment services, as well as many other web actors that offer their services to central actors, without being solely dedicated to the world of illicit activities.”

french authorities and illegal downloading

For this ecosystem, Hadopi emphasizes the role of downstream services that are used by pirate Internet users to circumvent anti-piracy measures or to facilitate access to counterfeit works.

VPNs (virtual private networks) would thus be used by 5% of users among illegal web users in France. The use is much lower (0.2%) for seedboxes and virtual private servers concerning P2P networks, with for example the installation of a BitTorrent client that downloads and shares content instead of the Internet user, thus masking his IP address.

To bypass the limits of content providers and benefit from premium quality, a VPN would be used by 6% of users who are illegal consumers. However, it is a practice, mainly involving direct downloading, that is expected to decrease.

How to download without being caught by Hadopi 2019?

Avoiding Hadopi requires the right tools. And that these tools are well configured. Because hiding your IP address is the most critical thing in this case. And a simple deactivated feature could make your real IP visible to everyone – and especially to the law. So let’s see in detail what you need to download torrents in complete serenity.

Choose a good VPN

How to get around Hadopi? The first thing to do is to subscribe to a VPN service. It is a tool that allows you to anonymize your downloads. If you download torrents without this tool, anyone can find your real IP address.

Who allows torrents

a vpn for torrentingVPN providers can allow torrents and file sharing. Or not. Because it is their network and they can be held responsible for copyright infringements because of the content you download… You should, therefore, check the VPN’s policy regarding Hadopi torrent!

And above all, you should not download torrents with a VPN hostile to the file sharing protocol because you could put your privacy at risk. Indeed, the VPN provider can transmit all your information to the rightful claimants. The exact opposite of what you want to do here, right?

Who does not record logs

Finally, you must choose a VPN provider that has a no-logs policy. That is, it does not collect any information about your use. Why? Why? Because there is a risk that your supplier may record logs of your activity on the Internet. And these logs can fall into the wrong hands: those of the rightful owners. With a VPN that backs up your records, you will feel protected, but in the end, copyright holders could have your skin…

This is why you must choose a VPN that has a policy of not saving logs. This way, your logs will be impossible to find. It is how you can efficiently avoid Hadopi when browsing the web in France. No logs mean nothing to show the authorities!

Who has a good download speed

We’re talking about downloading without getting screwed by Hadopi. So, of course, you don’t want to get caught. But what you want to do in the beginning is to download quickly and thoroughly.

That’s why your VPN must allow you to download torrents without restriction. And you must also make sure that the maximum speed is high enough. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting for ages to download content. And we don’t have all day! Isn’t that right?

Blockchain Technology Explained?

The past few years have seen the term blockchain gain more popularity. Blockchain was initially developed for bitcoin transactions but has now grown and is impacting so many industries. Blockchain technology has revolutionized how business activities are conducted now and how they will be conducted in the future.

A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed public database that records multiple transactions across many computers around the globe. Blockchain technology ensures that each transaction can uniquely be identified. Each transaction within a blockchain is authentic.

Blockchain technology is used by cryptocurrencies to record transactions. Once a bitcoin user initiates an operation, blockchain can record this transaction. This transaction can be seen through the blockchain since a trade that is done is usually shared onto the computers’ database. Its transparency enables the public to see the transactions too.

Blockchain technology was first majorly applied when bitcoin was introduced back in 2009. It was then that this technology came to light. It was used to record the transactions that were made using bitcoins. The rise of bitcoin can be significantly attributed to the blockchain technology.

The computer system within blockchain has now eliminated the need for third parties within transactions. For instance, there is no need for you to send your money to another user through a bank. Blockchain has done away with the need for a centralized source of authority that one has to pass through to carry out business.

Blockchain technology’s incorruptibility and authenticity make it very trustworthy. This technology is highly encrypted thereby ensuring that the transactions made within these computer systems are hack-proof. Cyber crimes have been on the rise in the past decade with so many individuals losing their assets through it. With blockchain, it is hack-proof making it impossible for anyone to commit cyber crimes.

The technology’s durability makes it able to perform loads of transactions and store information without interference. It cannot be controlled from a single point or by a single firm thereby making it more durable. The is no risk involved in system shutdowns for maintenance or doing away the technology. The decentralization of blockchain makes its life unlimited.

This technology has been embraced into mainstream industries. Finance, automobile, health and medicine, fashion, and the agribusiness industries are examples of where blockchain is now being adopted. Processes within these industries are now done with more efficiency due to the application of blockchain technology. This technology guides its operations and inventories.

Blockchain technology in medicine is used to track drugs from the initial production to the final consumer. This follow-up is made to ensure the drugs’ integrity is not compromised during the whole process. If a drug is faulty, it is easier to know now who might have taken the medication. A company can easily track the consumer using blockchain.

The blockchain technology has without a doubt revolutionized how transactions are done and tracked today. The storage of information on the shared network on blockchain has also made data safer. Its encryption has led to large financial institutions in the world to start using this type of technology for them to curb cyber crimes. It is the future of how transactions should be done. People and institutions around the world should start embracing it.

Top 5 Science and Technology Museums in the World

The Universe which was born out of The Big Bang has been evolving ever since. It is an infinite and ever-expanding space inhabited by a multitude of galaxies and mysteries that remain unanswered and undiscovered even today. Our blue planet is just a fragment of this massive creation where dark energy and ordinary matter collide over and over again. However, our Earth has its history of evolution and mysteries. It has embraced various cataclysmic effects, has seen kingdoms fall and rise. It has seen millions and millions of years pass by its weather-beaten surface and has braved the ravages of time. It has served as a muse to Darwin’s Origin of Species and provided a tough ground for various scientific and literary pursuits. Our planet is an enigma in its real sense, one whose experiences and wisdom have been kept alive by human beings in different ways. Years of scientific exploration and technological boom have been recorded in concrete structures known as museums, ones where we go time and again to witness the massive intellect of the humankind. Given below is a carefully curated list of the world’s top science and technology museums.

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

This is one of the oldest museums in the world, which is located in Philadelphia, USA. Built in 1812, the museum showcases more than 16 million specimens of dinosaurs, including the celebrated T-Rex. The extinction of dinosaurs has always been a hot topic of research, and this museum does justice to the history of the species.

Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong

For the love of the Universe, consider paying a visit to this museum on your next trip to Hong Kong. As the name suggests, this is a Space museum, one that exhibits a wonderful show and an illustrious explanation of the various astrological phenomenons. This place is a must visit for all the astrophiles out there.

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne, Switzerland

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne, Switzerland

Swiss cars and transportation infrastructures are marvels of the planet. This museum located in Lucerne, Switzerland flaunts the gorgeous Swiss cars and their transportation infrastructure. Put this in your bucket list as a must visit place, the next time you plan a trip to Switzerland.

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA

This museum is the greenest museum on the face of the planet. It boasts of a planetarium, museum of natural sciences and an aquarium that exhibits the beautiful underwater life. The lush green environment is soothing to the eyes, and the museum makes its way to the list of top 5 Science and Technology Museums because of an all-round approach to Science and Technology. Plan your next holiday here.

National Air and Space Museum, Washington, USA

This museum is an astrophile’s delight. It exhibits a curious collection from other planets of the Universe and also flaunts of the history of aviation and human flight. Do not forget to pay this intellectually stimulating place a visit, on your next trip to the USA.

Top 5 Silicon Valley Tech Tours


A trip through the Silicon Valley is arguably one of the most exciting day trips. Why? It contains an unbelievable number of firms that have made startling innovations which have entirely transformed the world. That is why we have decided to formulate a comprehensive list of top 5 Silicon Valley Tech Tours guaranteed to give you a memorable experience. Check them out below;

1. Apple Company Store


Founded in the year 1993, this company is the only firm on the planet where clothing, hats and many other Apple-branded products are available for sale to the public. The initial structure has gone through massive transformations over time, but the latest one has made the impression of an actual Apple Store. It now features elongated tables that display ultra-modern company products. Apple Company store, therefore, provides a unique Silicon Valley experience.

2. NASA Exploration Center

This facility boasts of the biggest immersive Theatre along the West Coast. It also offers panoramic views of Saturn’s rings and planet Mars which you can view on a large screen (40-foot). You also get a rare opportunity to see Martial images shot a few weeks ago. The recently installed Edgarville interactive screen enables you to manage air traffic on a fictional airport. In the site is a Mercury Molecule from Kennedy Space Center which was once used in a real space mission.

3. Android Statue Garden

Android Statue Garden

For Android and Google users and enthusiast, Android Statue garden and Google Merchandise store are must-visit places when traveling to Silicon Valley. Opened last year in October, these two sites are open to the public on weekends. That it is the largest retailer of many Google-branded products including gadgets, drinkware, and apparel is, therefore, not a big surprise. Adjacent to it is a collection of picturesque Android Statues that represent different confectionary of the giant search engine’s operating systems.

4. Computer History Museum

Discover the amazing history of computing in this museum. Start with the massive media-rich display, dubbed First 2000 Years of Computing, which contains 19 stores and more than 1,000 different artifacts, this resourceful gallery worth visiting. Move to the World of Warcraft’s wonderful world of Azeroth, acquire Photoshop skills from experts and have a look at the Museum’s latest interactive exhibition, and much more. The place is unfathomable.

5. Tesla Store


Situated a few blocks from the gigantic Tesla headquarters, this store is among the most significant and most striking properties owned by the company. Find time to stop by this location and test drive Tesla’s latest Mode X that users claim it is so computerized it drives itself. Find time to witness state-of-the-art automotive technology while at the Tesla Store. Vehicle fanatics get a treat of the lifetime on the store.


Touring Silicon Valley, full of the world’s most advanced tech companies as well as historical landmarks, provides the most exciting one in a lifetime experience. While the region has many revolutionary companies, you need to identify the most outstanding according to your personal reference. The above stores nonetheless represent the places that appeal to a
broad range of visitors.

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