Hadopi (The High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet) is looking at the ecosystem of pirate sites in France. To access infringing material, illegal consumers have a few tools they can use to cover themselves and avoid the slap from the French authorities.

In a study on the illicit ecosystem of dematerialized cultural goods carried out by the consulting firm Ernst & Young, it was shown that Hadopi contourner examines the plurality of sites and services linked to the commercial counterfeiting of content (films, series, music, video games, books, sports, etc.) and the economic models that promote their distribution.

For Hadopi, this ecosystem “has become more complex over the years, with more and more actors playing a direct or indirect role.”

The High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet, notes that the illicit ecosystem linked to dematerialized cultural goods “includes many technical intermediaries, payment services, as well as many other web actors that offer their services to central actors, without being solely dedicated to the world of illicit activities.”

french authorities and illegal downloading

For this ecosystem, Hadopi emphasizes the role of downstream services that are used by pirate Internet users to circumvent anti-piracy measures or to facilitate access to counterfeit works.

VPNs (virtual private networks) would thus be used by 5% of users among illegal web users in France. The use is much lower (0.2%) for seedboxes and virtual private servers concerning P2P networks, with for example the installation of a BitTorrent client that downloads and shares content instead of the Internet user, thus masking his IP address.

To bypass the limits of content providers and benefit from premium quality, a VPN would be used by 6% of users who are illegal consumers. However, it is a practice, mainly involving direct downloading, that is expected to decrease.

How to download without being caught by Hadopi 2019?

Avoiding Hadopi requires the right tools. And that these tools are well configured. Because hiding your IP address is the most critical thing in this case. And a simple deactivated feature could make your real IP visible to everyone – and especially to the law. So let’s see in detail what you need to download torrents in complete serenity.

Choose a good VPN

How to get around Hadopi? The first thing to do is to subscribe to a VPN service. It is a tool that allows you to anonymize your downloads. If you download torrents without this tool, anyone can find your real IP address.

Who allows torrents

a vpn for torrentingVPN providers can allow torrents and file sharing. Or not. Because it is their network and they can be held responsible for copyright infringements because of the content you download… You should, therefore, check the VPN’s policy regarding Hadopi torrent!

And above all, you should not download torrents with a VPN hostile to the file sharing protocol because you could put your privacy at risk. Indeed, the VPN provider can transmit all your information to the rightful claimants. The exact opposite of what you want to do here, right?

Who does not record logs

Finally, you must choose a VPN provider that has a no-logs policy. That is, it does not collect any information about your use. Why? Why? Because there is a risk that your supplier may record logs of your activity on the Internet. And these logs can fall into the wrong hands: those of the rightful owners. With a VPN that backs up your records, you will feel protected, but in the end, copyright holders could have your skin…

This is why you must choose a VPN that has a policy of not saving logs. This way, your logs will be impossible to find. It is how you can efficiently avoid Hadopi when browsing the web in France. No logs mean nothing to show the authorities!

Who has a good download speed

We’re talking about downloading without getting screwed by Hadopi. So, of course, you don’t want to get caught. But what you want to do in the beginning is to download quickly and thoroughly.

That’s why your VPN must allow you to download torrents without restriction. And you must also make sure that the maximum speed is high enough. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting for ages to download content. And we don’t have all day! Isn’t that right?