Mobility Program

The mobility programme

The LEM Project has a Mobility Scheme; five of the LEM partners agreed to host colleagues interested in spending between some days and two weeks in their organisation, for job-shadowing or study visits.


Who are the hosting organisations:

– Nordic Centre for Heritage Learning, (Jamtli), SE

– Manchester Museum, UK

– Glasgow Museums, UK

– Provincial Gallo-Roman Museum, Tongeren, BE

– State Museums of Upper Austria, Linz, AT


When will the Mobility Scheme take place?

The Mobility Scheme will run from 1 January 2012 to 31 May 2013.

How is funding provided for the Mobility Scheme

LEM partners/Associate partners must individually apply for funding from their LLP National Agency (see How to Participate)

Who can participate

The Mobility Scheme is open in the first place to LEM Partners and secondly to Associate Partners.

As it is a very experimental initiative, it is difficult to anticipate how many people will want to join it. It might therefore be the case that, within the period in which the Scheme will be active, not all requests will be satisfied.

We anticipate to be able to manage 10-15 mobilities within the lifetime of the LEM project.

How to participate

Interested individuals, either belonging to the LEM Partners or Associate Partners should:

  • 1) Express their interest in writing, by sending an e-mail to the LEM project coordinator Margherita Sani and to the hosting organisation (see list above). In this e-mail they should explain their specific professional interest for the mobility, as well as the length of the period and the dates in which they would like to visit the hosting organisation, by using this downloadable form.
  • 2) After receiving a positive answer from the hosting organisation, contact their National Agency (NA) for funding. A telephone call is advisable.
  • 3) Download the form “Visits and Exchanges” from their NA website
  • 4) Fill it in and post it to their NA (FACSIMILE of the application form for a Grant request)
  • 5) If a positive reply follows from the NA within 6 weeks, contact again the hosting organisation and confirm, agree on the dates and other details.(please Carbon copy (Cc) Margherita Sani in your correspondance to the hosting organisation)
  •  6) If your application with your NA is NOT successful, please inform both the hosting organisation and the project coordinator that a mobility is not possible.


Deadlines and LLP National Agencies

The deadline for submitting the expression of interest for mobility depends on each National Agency. Please check the deadlines to apply on the website of your National Agency.

List of the Lifelong Learning Programme National Agencies in Europe