The Universe which was born out of The Big Bang has been evolving ever since. It is an infinite and ever-expanding space inhabited by a multitude of galaxies and mysteries that remain unanswered and undiscovered even today. Our blue planet is just a fragment of this massive creation where dark energy and ordinary matter collide over and over again. However, our Earth has its history of evolution and mysteries. It has embraced various cataclysmic effects, has seen kingdoms fall and rise. It has seen millions and millions of years pass by its weather-beaten surface and has braved the ravages of time. It has served as a muse to Darwin’s Origin of Species and provided a tough ground for various scientific and literary pursuits. Our planet is an enigma in its real sense, one whose experiences and wisdom have been kept alive by human beings in different ways. Years of scientific exploration and technological boom have been recorded in concrete structures known as museums, ones where we go time and again to witness the massive intellect of the humankind. Given below is a carefully curated list of the world’s top science and technology museums.

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

This is one of the oldest museums in the world, which is located in Philadelphia, USA. Built in 1812, the museum showcases more than 16 million specimens of dinosaurs, including the celebrated T-Rex. The extinction of dinosaurs has always been a hot topic of research, and this museum does justice to the history of the species.

Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong

For the love of the Universe, consider paying a visit to this museum on your next trip to Hong Kong. As the name suggests, this is a Space museum, one that exhibits a wonderful show and an illustrious explanation of the various astrological phenomenons. This place is a must visit for all the astrophiles out there.

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne, Switzerland

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne, Switzerland

Swiss cars and transportation infrastructures are marvels of the planet. This museum located in Lucerne, Switzerland flaunts the gorgeous Swiss cars and their transportation infrastructure. Put this in your bucket list as a must visit place, the next time you plan a trip to Switzerland.

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA

This museum is the greenest museum on the face of the planet. It boasts of a planetarium, museum of natural sciences and an aquarium that exhibits the beautiful underwater life. The lush green environment is soothing to the eyes, and the museum makes its way to the list of top 5 Science and Technology Museums because of an all-round approach to Science and Technology. Plan your next holiday here.

National Air and Space Museum, Washington, USA

This museum is an astrophile’s delight. It exhibits a curious collection from other planets of the Universe and also flaunts of the history of aviation and human flight. Do not forget to pay this intellectually stimulating place a visit, on your next trip to the USA.