A trip through the Silicon Valley is arguably one of the most exciting day trips. Why? It contains an unbelievable number of firms that have made startling innovations which have entirely transformed the world. That is why we have decided to formulate a comprehensive list of top 5 Silicon Valley Tech Tours guaranteed to give you a memorable experience. Check them out below;

1. Apple Company Store


Founded in the year 1993, this company is the only firm on the planet where clothing, hats and many other Apple-branded products are available for sale to the public. The initial structure has gone through massive transformations over time, but the latest one has made the impression of an actual Apple Store. It now features elongated tables that display ultra-modern company products. Apple Company store, therefore, provides a unique Silicon Valley experience.

2. NASA Exploration Center

This facility boasts of the biggest immersive Theatre along the West Coast. It also offers panoramic views of Saturn’s rings and planet Mars which you can view on a large screen (40-foot). You also get a rare opportunity to see Martial images shot a few weeks ago. The recently installed Edgarville interactive screen enables you to manage air traffic on a fictional airport. In the site is a Mercury Molecule from Kennedy Space Center which was once used in a real space mission.

3. Android Statue Garden

Android Statue Garden

For Android and Google users and enthusiast, Android Statue garden and Google Merchandise store are must-visit places when traveling to Silicon Valley. Opened last year in October, these two sites are open to the public on weekends. That it is the largest retailer of many Google-branded products including gadgets, drinkware, and apparel is, therefore, not a big surprise. Adjacent to it is a collection of picturesque Android Statues that represent different confectionary of the giant search engine’s operating systems.

4. Computer History Museum

Discover the amazing history of computing in this museum. Start with the massive media-rich display, dubbed First 2000 Years of Computing, which contains 19 stores and more than 1,000 different artifacts, this resourceful gallery worth visiting. Move to the World of Warcraft’s wonderful world of Azeroth, acquire Photoshop skills from experts and have a look at the Museum’s latest interactive exhibition, and much more. The place is unfathomable.

5. Tesla Store


Situated a few blocks from the gigantic Tesla headquarters, this store is among the most significant and most striking properties owned by the company. Find time to stop by this location and test drive Tesla’s latest Mode X that users claim it is so computerized it drives itself. Find time to witness state-of-the-art automotive technology while at the Tesla Store. Vehicle fanatics get a treat of the lifetime on the store.


Touring Silicon Valley, full of the world’s most advanced tech companies as well as historical landmarks, provides the most exciting one in a lifetime experience. While the region has many revolutionary companies, you need to identify the most outstanding according to your personal reference. The above stores nonetheless represent the places that appeal to a
broad range of visitors.