What can we expect from the new Google pixel Watch

The new Google pixel Watch is expected to be released later this year. There are several features that we can expect from it. We’ll discuss its price, design, and Fitbit integration. This article will be updated with any additional information as it becomes available. In the meantime, keep reading to find out how it compares with other smartwatches.


The Google Pixel Watch is a new smartwatch that will run on Wear OS. It will be available in various color schemes, and the watch faces will change color when it is daytime or nighttime. It will also have features like Google Assistant, which is integrated with the Google Home app. It will also be able to give directions without the use of a smartphone. Google Wallet will also be integrated in the watch, so users can pay without having to carry a wallet.

The smartwatch will have dual band slots, which can accommodate two different bands. The straps will snap onto the watch’s case using a proprietary mechanism. It also has a Samsung Exynos 9110 processor, which has over 1.5GB of RAM. It also has 32GB of internal storage, which is more than double that of its predecessors. It will also be equipped with a heart rate monitor.


The Pixel Watch is a smartwatch made by Google. It has a crown and a button on the side, with a microphone and a heart-rate sensor. Like the Apple Watch, it runs Wear OS and supports a proprietary strap. The watch is also supposed to support other straps, but it is unclear whether users will be able to use their own. If that’s the case, Google might sell additional straps for the device.

The design of the Pixel Watch is similar to Apple’s, with a floating case made from recycled stainless steel. It also features a tactile scrolling crown and is expected to be half an inch thick. The device is slightly larger than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, but the hardware is hidden by the dark background of the dial.

Fitbit integration

The new Google pixel Watch will be launching alongside the new Pixel smartphones this fall. It features a big glass face, proprietary wrist bands, and deep integration with Fitbit. Fitbit has been a popular company for tracking exercise and other health-related information for years. Now, Fitbit is evolving beyond its fitness tracker roots, and the Pixel Watch will become its new flagship device.

According to a recent leak, the Pixel Watch may have many Fitbit features. Some rumors claim that the new model will have ECG tracking, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and a Fitbit app. The device will run on the Google Wear OS, and will include other Google features such as Google Assistant and Google Wallet. The device will also have a USB-C magnetic charging cable, and the new model is expected to offer all-day battery life.